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Creating is a wonderful and exciting platform to share, engage, discuss and sometimes disagree - all things we like to do.


As a creative partnership for almost twenty years with complimentary disciplines - we have been on an incredible journey.


The commissions have been diverse, challenging and sometimes frustrating - but, no one has died and we have all gained additional skills to add to our repertoire. I say we, as all our commissions are a result of team work - whether that be an architect, fabricator or a crane driver, we have a shared goal

“To deliver a successful outcome”, then go to the pub to celebrate.


Celebration is a fantastic tonic - a time to bring closure and focus the mind on a new adventure. If you feel we can help you with your creative dilemma or just want to discuss a seed of an idea, we can help with a sprinkling of creative flair.


Glenn Humphrey

Tracey Potter

I would call myself a multi-disciplinary artist (short for Jack of all, master of none).


I have finally conceded I like to experiment. When asked - "what do you do?"... my first reply is artist, followed by designer then eco house builder, the latter is my long-term ambition.


My creative urge began at the age of 19, when I ventured into the big world of fashion design in the guise of men’s hand painted ties. My 15 minutes of fame came from a small order from Harrods & Harvey Nichols - I had a neck like a giraffe (not literally) back then, or was I just a naive lad from UP NORTH...


After corking my creative potential, I thought I could do with a rest and enrolled on an Art Foundation Course (magic) - I had found my calling. My next leap of faith came in the form of a Fine Art Degree at Staffordshire University (the best time of my life, so far). This is when I really began to appreciate the finer qualities of art in it’s broadest sense. Being a working class lad from the Boro (that’s Middlesbrough) I felt we were in this together, and the people I met on this fantastic roller-coaster have shaped my life ever since.


The array of jobs that helped me survive this journey:

Turnstile operator at Middlesbrough Football Club / Salesman, Bespoke Menswear Shop / Self employment Adviser / Barman / Life Guard / Block Paving Layer / Waiter / D.W.P. Department of Work and Pensions / Teaching in China / General Assistant at Eton College / Camp America ..... I think that’s it.


After almost twenty years of self employment , I am probably unemployable, so I continue to produce art. My partner Tracey Potter and I work collectively on public art commissions. When we are not working on creative solutions we head for the hills and create images of the fantastic landscapes in the North East of England, which is incredibly inspirational and helps fuel the soul.


So I am right up to date and I have reached my word count. Thank you.

I detested Home Economics at school; partly because I could not - and did not cook; though mainly because I did not like the teacher. When the opportunity arose for me to ‘get out of the kitchen’ - by means of a “course exchange” - my hand was first up in the air. I was introduced to the joiners shop; and straight into the sharp end (literally) woodwork, metal work, and technical drawing. It involved precision and skill as well as producing sketches and design mock ups.


Following the obligatory stint at Art College I was then on my way to Brighton Polytechnic to study Interior Design. Past experience put me in good stead and producing visuals were my forte.


My lecturer put in a good word for me with an Architectural practice in East London.


Other design positions followed; and although Computer Aided Design started to overtake traditional rendering; producing water colour visuals were always high on the list.

I have also been fortunate enough to travel with work, and spent six months in China. Drawing is my passion, along with knitting and running (though not at the same time)

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