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Humphrey Potter is a collaboration of the freelance practices of Glenn Humphrey and Tracey Potter. Established in 1996 our company has applied specialised skills and experience to successfully undertake public art projects.


Our business has grown organically as the diverse nature of commissions has increased, and has been beneficial in defining our direction. This encouraged a free flowing design approach, based on the theory that ‘anything is possible.’


When researching and investigating manufacturing techniques we build relationships with specialist contractors who fabricate our designs to a very high standard. Over this period the collaboration has been open and driven by a passion to create. As our business philosophy matures and our experience widens we are now able to undertake more proactive roles within the structure of the commissioning process. This instils a valuable insight into the logistics of completing a commission on time and within budget.


We apply the same approach to our publishing company; designing greeting cards, limited edition prints and original artwork. We have a wide range of outlets, whether it is our local farmers market, galleries or gift shops.


Southbank Tesco - Eston

This was an opportunity to experiment with a new seating

design with integral planter. The paving design is a repeated

mosaic pattern which gives the site a European feel and

compliments the timber building and seating.

Lascelles Allotment - Darlington

Creating a new allotment site. The various elements of the commission have a direct influence from Fibonacci, which is based on a mathematical sequence.

Headland - Hartlepool

Re-development of an existing seating area, incorporating seating, lighting and sculptural Corten planters on three sites along the Town Wall.

Sunderland Borough Council

Development of main entrance to a new business centre.

The glass panels depict the manufacturing history of Sunderland.

Whitby Hospital

Hospital Arts for North East Yorkshire ( HAFNEY ) are working together with nursing staff and other health professionals to improve the quality of life for those involved in providing and receiving health and community care.


The residency involved the engagement with staff, and day patients attending the day rehabilitation unit, to participate in creative afternoons. The artwork created during these sessions formed the basis of a commission to create final artwork for a long corridor leading to the X-ray department.


The final pieces are fantastic and reflect the creativity we all have within us - it is how we nurture and guide that creativity that is the magic.

Huntcliff School - Saltburn

Exterior wall mosaic created by Year 9 students. The pond situated next to the wall was used as inspiration for the final design. The objective was to allow the students the experience of creating a mosaic and enhancing their school environment. As a result this space was utilised during their break time.

Sandwell Park NHS - Hartlepool

Artworks created from service users artwork. As this was a residential hospital for mental health patients, it was important to share a sense of hope and create an uplifting atmosphere throughout the building.

Video - Trio Seating - Skylar Canopies - Paving - Tesco Store - Southbank

Tracey Potter on the finished seating.

Tracey Potter on the finished seating.

Planting lavender and thyme.

Skylar canopy and school allotment.

Trio paving.

Corten planters in three different sizes provide height to the site and have incredible durability.

Concave - convex seating with rolled and laser cut backrest with sepele timber.

Etched and carved glass.

The seating comes to life as the motion activated LED lights highlight the underside of the seat and create an ambient mood throughout the site.

Concave - convex fencing.

Laser cut , steel entrance gate.

Southbank Tesco

Whitby Hospital

Lascelles Allotment

Huntcliff School

Sandwell NHS

Headland Hartlepool

Sunderland Council

"The challenge was to create an environment that is exciting, innovative and can be used and enjoyed by the general public."

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Exterior signage, created from service users artwork.

Service users artwork photographed in sunlight with the shadows of trees and plants reflected on to the images - giving an illusion of a light source when printed on a large scale.

Skylar canopies.

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